What is a search engine?

When you are in the question of what is a search engine? You must be familiar with a search or query. If I asked you, “Who is Kane Williamson?” You will give me the answer like, “Kane Williamson is a cricket player of New Zealand.” Here I used you as a searching media to know someone.

Just like this if we want to know someone or something using any robotic media like a computer or web we should set up a program that is a searching program. It is a robotic system designed to help or find information stored on a computer or a web page. The search result usually presented in the format of a list.

What is a Web Search Engine?

Today’s the world is the world of information technology. Now we don’t ask someone to know someone or something. We are now habituated to use a tool to find someone or something on the World Wide Web. And the World Wide Web uses a robotic program that is well set to find a query and that known as a Web Search Engine.

Google-Search Engine

In short, “It is a Web-based tool which helps the users to find out information from the World Wide Web.” Google, Yahoo, Bing are the most popular form of Web Search Engines.

Types of Web Search Engines

 Here are some popular types of them-

1.    Crawler Based 

2.    Directories 

3.    Hybrid – and

4.    Meta Search Engine.

How does a Web Search Engine Work?

In short, a Web Search Engine receives the data that users entered (it may be a word, an audio signal, or an image), then it crawls the whole of the web. Then, copies the data from different websites and shows the users the estimated results. Usually, they try to give the exact information according to the user’s query. The crawling bot crawls the whole of the Web within a very short time and uses an algorithm to rank the displayed data. The algorithm is a set of data by which it does its work accurately.

Most of the search engines work by means of an automated program named Crawler. A huge web pages crawl in a few seconds using the Crawler. In this process, the Search robot access the webpages and try to read the data on the landing page, get it and stored their database.

Storing the data in their database known as indexing. When a searcher searches a word or a group of words in the Search box, it shows the best search results from their index page to SERP according to their ranking algorithm. Here we describe all the working sequence step by step.

First Step

Search Engine sends their robots to every new content landing page.

Second Step

The robot read the data and crawls it from the landing page.

Third Step

Search robot store the data into their database (Index)

Fourth Step

When a user searches a query on a search box using a word or voice, the robot sorts all the indexed data following the keywords that user use to query.

Fifth Step

At this stage, search-bot uses its ranking algorithm and shows the best results on SERP.

This is the very basic thing to know when you are a learner of SEO. Although these steps the search engines work on the basis of its own algorithm.

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