Are you a newbie? Do not have enough money to buy premium keywords research tools. Today’s lesson is only for you. Here is the right way to free keywords research techniques for beginners like you.

Why do I call it free?

Today digital marketing strategy is more competitive than any other times. You are a learner of SEO or a new member in the digital marketing industry. Your first step is to research the field.

In this case, keywords research is the first and most important step of your strategy.

The most keywords research tools are premium in the SEO field. As a newbie, you may not be mature enough to use a premium tool or you do not have enough money.

For the reason that I suggest doing manual research. It is a hard task and requires more time to complete but surely bring success for you. Let’s get started.

What are the best keyword research tools for Free?

In the free method, you should do it manually. Here we take help from some free tools. In this method, we use the following tools.

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Ubbersuggest
  • Keyword Surfer
  • Moz
  • SEOQuake

Now I am giving you a step by step guideline on how you will do it.

How to do Keywords Research for Free?

Hence I move with a technique for finding the best affordable long-tail Keywords and KGR keywords to implement in your blog post or any other content marketing site. Let’s follow my free keywords research technique.

Generate your Keywords using Google suggested results.

Your first step is generating keywords using your niche. Now you follow these steps to collect your keywords

  • Open your browser and go “”. Type your seed word, look at the google suggestion. Take them one by one and press enter. Make a note of Google suggested result in your notepad.
  • Go to the bottom of your result page. Take them one by one and note them.
  • Now copy your collected words from your notepad and do the same thing for every words or phrase.

Use Keyword Surfer Tool

By using this awesome free SEO tool you can collect all the keyword data you require. In order to use this tool, you should follow these steps.

  • At first add “Keyword Surfer” chrome extension in your google chrome. You may follow this link to add them. Make it enable.
  • Enter Your seed keyword. Look at the data displaying the right side of the page. Collect them.
  • Now enter your keywords collected from google one by one.
  • Look at the right side of your result page. You can see the results given by Keyword Surfer tools.

Keyword Surfer Results

  • Keyword surfer will show you results with search volume, you can see it also in your search bar.
  • You should take the words or phrase with low search volume. Do not take your keywords with search volume greater than 250/m.
  • Make data of your keywords with monthly search volume in an Excel sheet.

Generate keywords with is one of the best free keywords research tools I ever have seen. It has also a premium version to use. But you may do your job with a free plan. Keyword suggests of this tool is awesome than any other tools.

  • Browse Enter your words in the search bar like the picture below. Click on Search. You will get a sheet of data with monthly search volume, CPC, SD, and PD.

Ubbersuggest Keyword research tool

  • Write down the search volume and SD in your Excel sheet.
  • Choose Your low volume words and note them.

ubbbersuggest keyword research tool pic

Generate idea with Answer the Public.

In this site, you can find out what people ask online. Browse this site and type your niche. A list of the question-related phrase will appear Infront of you. Choose some of them and do the previous practice.

Answer The Public image

Use Google Keyword Planner Tool

Although Google Keyword planner tool is only for Google Ads plan, you can use it for your content strategy too. Open a free membership with your account with your Gmail id.

  • Browse the site, enter your seed words, click on “Get Result”.
  • You will find a list of search volume and competition level.
  • Note them.

Google Trends May also support you to Research Keywords for free

You can take an idea about total search volume and relative search data over a given period of time with the help of  Google Trends.

Execute your Data

Now it is time to execute your all data. Follow these instructions to complete your job.

  • Add Moz and SEOQuake Chrome extension in your browser and enable them.
  • Create a free account to
  • Enter your keywords one by one in the google search bar. You will find your keyword difficulty (KD) just below the search bar. Note down them in your Excel sheet.
  • Look at your SERPs. A database will come like the picture below.

Image of mozbar results

  • Log in your Moz account.
  • You will find all of your competitor data. Note down how many sites are below average. You justify them with their DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority) and backlinks.

Definitely, you can realize which site you may overcome with your specific keyword.

Allintitle pro

What is allintitle?

Allintitle is an advance search method of google. You can find out your exact matched title through this search. For example, if you search a term like “what is keywords research” with this advance allintitle method you will find only that webpages which use this exact matched word in their title.

Method of Advance allintitle practice

To do this you, just follow …

  • Type – allintitle in your search bar.
  • Then type your keywords separated with a colon (:) like this picture below.

Example: allintitle:what is keywords research


  • Then you see that the webpages will appear in your SERPs which use “what is keywords research” in their title of the page.
  • It is noted that this method covers the pages who use these words anywhere of their title. Your work is to collect the total number of web pages with these words just below your search bar. Note it to your sheet.
  • Another option of allintitle method is to write this way.

Example: allintitle”what is keywords research”.

  • Here you can only see who uses these words exactly in their title. It may appear less than the previous one. Note it too.

Calculate your KGR

KGR (Keywords Golden Ratio) is a phrase that indicate how competitive your keywords are! It is calculated as

KGR= # of allintitle results/ monthly search volume.

If the calculating value is below 0.25, then it will be great to work, and if it will cross 1.0 then you must avoid it.

Image of KGR


You have done it? I think you can do it. You have the data of allintitle search, search volume too. So, let’s calculate it.

Suppose, the search volume of one which you target is 250 and allintitle is 64. Then your calculating data will be 0.24. It’s great, you can target it. And obviously it will bring you rank within 48 hours if your on-page optimization is ok and your domain also perfect.

Conclusion: Above mentioned method requires a long time to complete. But guys always remember, it is the perfect method and you are in free mode – you have no budget to do it. And I always recommend it because there has no perfect method than manual.

Pro tips: I do my research always manually and perfectly, it is working. If you are a marketer and has no time to do it you can contact us. Are you a new learner? Then comments bellow to know your query. I will try to answer it. Thanks.

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